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started by: ajburch

Posted by ajburch on June 10 2008,19:48
My mydsl menu is showing repeated listings of app installed. I have 3 of each. How do I fix this?
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on June 10 2008,21:57
There are a number of ways this could be caused from, i.e. this could happen if you have 3 instances of the same extension .dsl with different names... you could remove the other 2.

It would probably help if you list what extensions, how you are running DSL, and what version of it.

If you just want a manual fix, you can just edit ~/.fluxbox/menu with a plaintext editor.

Posted by curaga on June 11 2008,13:07
Aren't those in
Posted by jaapz on June 11 2008,17:03
yep, the MyDSL menu is located at /opt/.mydsl_menu/jwm for jwm and /opt/.mydsl_menu/flux for fluxbox (dsl 4.3, dont think its changed in 4.4)
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on June 11 2008,17:29
I think what I suggested is probably for older versions :p

In any case, it's better if he posts his specs first.

Posted by roberts on June 11 2008,20:31
This was fixed in 4,3 (see Notes section of website). No point in rehashing old stuff. Search forums for manual bug fix or better upgrade to 4,3,11 or 4.4.
Posted by ajburch on June 16 2008,14:14
Thanks for the reply. I am running dsl 4.4. Also, the list seems to grow everytime I reboot. I now have 6 groups of the installed apps. All I have done was to go to mydsl extentions and download a few apps in the /tmp/mydsl directory. I have some .info files in my home directory too (not sure if this is related).

Any idea of what would cause this list to constantly grow with a reboot? I don't have multiple versions of the files in the /tmp/mydsl directory either.


Posted by roberts on June 16 2008,15:25
Need more information on your system. I am guessing it is a tradtional hard drive install?

MyDSL extensions are not made for use with a tradtional hard installation. However many do without regard to the warning.

But usually they "install" extensions just once and do not keep "installing" upon each boot. Sounds like you must be doing the latter.

First look at /tmp/ and see if multiples are there.

Second look at the menu includes. This depends on the window manager that you are using, e.g.,

/opt/.mydsl-menu/jwm/menu or /opt/.mydsl-menu/fluxbox/menu

Are there multiples there?

Typically the mydsl menu includes are not included in a backup and are therefore not an issue with liveCD or frugal installations.

Since most with a traditional hard drive installations install extensions only once then no problem either the menu includes will not grow.

If you install extensions that are already installed on your tradtional hard drive installation then the menu includes will grow.

So the answer depends on how you run your system. Either clear out the appropriate menu include upon shutdown using ./opt/ or stop re-installing extensions that are already installed.

FYI: The bug that was fixed was /tmp/ was not being cleared at shutdown. This was causing menu includes to grow for all tradtional hard drive installations. The clearing of this directory was added to /usr/local/bin/

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