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Topic: fix grub or lilo
started by: JohnJS

Posted by JohnJS on June 17 2008,19:05
How to restore grub or lilo.

Using 4.4rc2  (frugal) lately my system/stats/dmesg showed screen of repetitive errors (also at shutdown splash screen) (I don't remember details) before system starts. Seems to work okay.
Being picky I tried to remove grub and go back to lilo.
Have now done cfdisk and reset my hd's to swap, image and storage and tried to re-install lilo and  then grub.
Can only start with live-cd as the cursor just blinks at startup.
Went back to grub but still have to boot with the cd.
Tried to clear mbr with:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda bs=446 count=1.

What to do now?.

Used Win98 boot disk "fdisk /mbr" to remove grub and did a new lilo frugal install and everything is working correctly.

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