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started by: W6LQR

Posted by W6LQR on June 23 2008,04:12
How do I save what's on the screen to a .jpg or .bmp file?
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on June 23 2008,05:18
I think you can use tools like imagemagick or the gimp.  DSL's base image used to include xpaint, which could as well afaik.

I'm pretty sure there are other solutions if you look around.

Posted by curaga on June 23 2008,10:38
Mtpaint can do that (select New -> grab screenshot)

Also, the menu option "grab screenshot" takes one in the native X format (xwd), into your home folder. It is viewable by clicking on it in Dfm, but you need imagemagick / netpbm / other image programs to convert it into other formats.

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