What earlier version of DSL should I use?

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Topic: What earlier version of DSL should I use?
started by: jhsu

Posted by jhsu on July 08 2008,20:48
Important parts of the documentation (wiki, book, etc.) are no longer relevant for the newer versions of DSL.

Until the documentation gets updated, I need to go back to an earlier version that will work better for me.  I realize that this is heresy, but I know you're tired of my whining, and I'm tired of things not working properly.  If I can go back to an earlier version of DSL for which the documentation is valid, I'll stop complaining, and you won't have to put up with me.

Posted by lucky13 on July 08 2008,21:55
I think it's still pretty similar. The main differences are detailed in the notes and in the "getting started" document. Please make a note of things you find/think are different and I'll make it a priority to do more updating of the wiki.

It's not heresy. There are some stubborn users still using very old versions of DSL because they think it's gone downhill with the inclusion of something or exclusion/removal of something else.

Posted by jhsu on July 12 2008,03:45
I looked at the notes, and I don't understand what all those changes mean.

I see that the CD that came with the DSL book has version 3.3 on it.  My first version of DSL was 3.2, and I didn't have all this trouble with the printing back then.

So should I go back to version 3.3?  Was the book written for 3.3?

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