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Topic: dmix in fluxbox slit
started by: lovdsl

Posted by lovdsl on Aug. 11 2008,03:51
Hi..Lots to like about 4.4.3...I still like fluxbox though so wondering how to get dmix in the slit as it once was. thanks for any..
Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 11 2008,12:36
The app that used to be in the slit was a separate application, or two to be precise.  wmswallow was used as a container for docked.lua, so you would need at least those two copied from an earler version of DSL.  I think docked.lua also required another script as well.
On top of that, the lua script would need to be modified to work with lua + fltk.

You might be better off visiting and finding a dockable mixer there (i believe wmix was in DSL prior to dmix).

Posted by lovdsl on Aug. 11 2008,14:08
Hi mikshaw...thanks...yes I see...perhaps the older version is best for fluxlovers..Thanks BTW for all your help with my 2.4 install to usb and hdd...I still use it..but the new version has some nice features.

I do have wmix somewhere will try it..but added wmrack from the repository..the cd player does not work but the vol control seems to work so I could use it with wmdrawer and wmclock..will play a while and perhaps embrace jwm and icons for a change it is looking rather spiffy and appears the prefered direction.


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