my remaster of dsl locks my laptop up!

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Topic: my remaster of dsl locks my laptop up!
started by: weirdo

Posted by weirdo on Aug. 16 2008,08:22
Hello my friends.

I downloaded the current version of DSL syslinux from this website.  That distro locks up my sony sz-140p.  I have an old version of DSL syslinux (unknown ver).  That version works on my sony sz-140p.

However, when I attempt to remaster the old dsl syslinux (that works) using the instructions at <, > the remastered CDROM locks up my computer just like the new version.  To rule out any problems, my latest attempts at remastering involve making no changes.  I just follow each instruction and do nothing else, except for adding a -b flag to the final mkisofs instruction, pointing to the boot.img in the KNOPPIX dir, so that the CD will boot.

To top things off, the remastered CD that won't work on my sz-140p will work on my pcg-fxa36 (old machine).

It locks up right after starting cardmanager.  The screen goes black with very few grayscale boxes here and there on the screen.  This is making me cry :(

Thank you for reading this and for any suggestions you have.

Posted by curaga on Aug. 16 2008,12:19
Wonder why there's -udf in those instructions, but otherwise I don't see anything jumping at my face..

On booting the newest, try with "dsl nopcmcia" and if that doesn't cut it, "failsafe".

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