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started by: tikbalang

Posted by tikbalang on Aug. 23 2008,07:43
can it be allowed for forum members to search and view the forums including topics from the very beginning and limited only by a certain number of topics per page, 20 perhaps?

i understand the need to conserve bandwidth but doesn't it save more if the info is in one large page rather than backflipping and repeated searches because the user forgot to tick the right box?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Aug. 23 2008,08:48
It seems to do 18 by default... close enough to your 20?
Posted by tikbalang on Aug. 24 2008,00:36
it's 15 topics but only if you allow showing posts from the beginning.

look here (cool things forum):
< >

(as of this post, and unless you changed your view settings) it will display 0 topics since the last discussion was over 30 days ago.

in each topic, 5 posts are displayed, including the original post.

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