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Topic: compilation problem
started by: danielp

Posted by danielp on Aug. 25 2008,11:56

I'm trying to compile the Ralink RT2860 wireless driver: < > on DSL 4.4.4.

I have installed gnu-utils.dsl and the kernel headers from the testing section. I have also installed a gcc dsl.

It starts compiling after a "make" command, but stops with an error complaining that "ld" doesn't accept "--as-needed" as an option.

From what I could google, it seems that ld is too old a version. I believe this program comes from the gnu-utils.dsl (newbie in compilation here), so how can I get a newer version of ld?

Or can someone direct me to the correct method to compile this driver? Thanks!

Posted by curaga on Aug. 25 2008,13:55
--as-needed was added in binutils 2.17.something, and is buggy there, it takes 2.18 to use it properly.

On the good side, it's not really lethal at all, just remove all mentions to --as-needed in the Makefiles and it should compile OK with the current ld you have.

(If the mention is "-Wl,--as-needed", remove the -Wl part too)

Posted by danielp on Aug. 26 2008,19:05
Thanks Curaga for the help. The strangest thing however is that I have not found any mention of --as-needed in any of the files I downloaded! Where could it come from?
Posted by curaga on Aug. 26 2008,20:03
That.. is a very good question. Totally beats me. Seems there's a newer version at (1.7.0)

Would ndiswrapper be a possibility?

I checked the files too - no mention. Something must generate it later.

Posted by danielp on Aug. 27 2008,14:41
Haven't tried the ndiswrapper method... because I can't get the drivers by themselves!
I have found an exe file < HERE > that contains the Windows thingies... so next question would be: how to get the drivers out of that file?

Posted by curaga on Aug. 27 2008,15:37
If it's InstallShield, then unshield
Many self-install packages use zip internally, so it could possibly just be unzipped

If neither of these work, use wine to get them out.

Posted by danielp on Sep. 01 2008,20:54
Hi Curaga,

Thanks again for your reply. It actually seems to be an Installshield program, but it's an exe. When I tried to use unshield on the file, it only answered:
Failed to open IS_AP_STA_RT2860_D- as an InstallShield Cabinet File

Here's the link to the windows file (RT2860). < Windows support >

After that I tried to use wine to run the program, but it crashed. I guess the last resort is to use a real Windows install :(

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