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started by: webeye

Posted by webeye on Sep. 24 2008,17:59
The search on this board baffles me. I search for many things and get returns that do not remotely resemble what I am looking for. Then hoping maybe buried in the thread is something I read or use my find feature and NOPE, nada, nothing to see here move along.  :blues:

I have used the 'AND' with no difference in results.

I have been looking for mkswap info for my hd install on a Dell Latitude. It is installed and I have the swap setup but no swap is enabled? Says no dos?

Where can I go for help?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 24 2008,20:55
Did you read the sticky? <;t=8658 >

And here's an example result: < >

Posted by webeye on Sep. 25 2008,20:08
Thank you very much :)

The links were helpful and I am starting to use the wiki and understanding more everytime I read it.

Now I am off to read about my cpu going nuts and freezing me up. I know it is something to do with processes running and hope eventually to find how to stop some. edit: I know ctrl/alt/delete does not help although being a new exwindows user I did try it once in a state of frustration.

I am sorry if it takes me a while to understand the basics but all I really wanted was to see if a hard drive install would run better on my laptop and it does.

I love dsl

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