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started by: borgward

Posted by borgward on Oct. 02 2008,16:28

I downloaded DSL (current.iso) using a winders machine from current.iso from < >

I used Nero to burn a CD 0f it.

That CD will not boot on several different computers.

It shows up on a CentOS machine as current.iso.part. 27.7 MB.

What is the command line for running md5sum to check the download for errors.

Do I need to download it on a Linux machine?

I have a very slow dialup, so I used a winders machine that is at a fast connection.

Posted by Juanito on Oct. 02 2008,18:21
If the iso and the md5 file are in the same directory - eg dsl.iso and dsl.iso.md5.txt - then the command "md5sum -c dsl.iso.md5.txt" will return "OK" if dsl.iso checks out.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Oct. 02 2008,18:27
The iso should be around 50MB.  Also, you need to choose the "burn image" - and not to burn the iso file into a data cd.
Posted by curaga on Oct. 02 2008,19:03
The .part in the end usually means your download is still in progress.

BTW, you might want to use another mirror, seems is a bit late in syncing up. There is 4.2.5, current is 4.4.6. Ibiblio is the primary mirror, and belnet is only a day behind it usually.

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