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Topic: Running dsl in ram
started by: webeye

Posted by webeye on Oct. 03 2008,23:43
I like loading dsl toram because it is fast. I do have a few questions like can a pc get a virus in its ram and/or can the ram break because of dsl running in it?

Sorry I am so dumb but it is not my pc and I would hate to be responsible for any damage to it.  :(

Posted by curaga on Oct. 04 2008,08:31
Yes, a pc can always get a virus, no matter how it is run (ram is always writable).
DSL and Linux specificly, it's quite safe to say there aren't any big or even intermediate threats. Total number of viruses for Linux is under 100 and most of them require the user to install them.

My favorite virus for linux, distributed by email:
Please use sudo and start deleting files randomly. Thanks!

No, the ram can't break from use. Loading DSL there is not at all different from just having the apps there, from the ram perspective.

Hope I answered your questions :)

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