Kernel panic: Coudn't find valid RAM disk image

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Topic: Kernel panic: Coudn't find valid RAM disk image
started by: supremedalek

Posted by supremedalek on Dec. 23 2008,02:39
I have an i-opener with 32MB of RAM and an equally small hard drive (talk about endowment) and would like to get it running. So, I installed DSL to its hard drive by connecting the drive itself to my laptop (through USB) and booting through a virtual box machine. I know, I know, it could be done a bit better, bur hey.

So, I get the splash screen,

and the machine goes for a while acting like it is booting like it should,

but then it stops with the kernel panic message,

Any suggestions for what could be causing that?

Posted by RichardG on Jan. 03 2009,23:46
First, try to reinstall DSL.
Second, it looks like you installed DSL to hdb, which is 8M sized as the kernel says :rock: (EDIT2: this is a flash chip).

EDIT: After reviewing the topic, I noticed that you installed DSL with VirtualBox.

EDIT2: I deleted some text after I noticed iOpeners uses 44-pin IDE connectors.
Why don't use the main HDD and Opener's CD drive (if it has one) with the boot floppy (if it can't boot off CDs)?

Posted by supremedalek on Jan. 14 2009,11:56
I do not know how much you know about the i-opener, but it does not come with a HD as it was originally designed to be a thin client of sorts. You have to make a cable (it does not have the standard IDE pinout even though it is IDE) to use a hard drive. The cable I got only has an end as it expected to connect to a 2.5" HD which would be attached somehow (emphasis on the somehow) inside the case. Also, this machine cannot boot off its USB port; bios does not support that.

So, what I did was boot dsl through virtualbox, without hd and off dsl'd iso, feeding the 2.5" HD as a usb drive. And then installed dsl to that drive. Then, move drive back to the i-opener and hope for the best.

I know all the above is not relevant to the original question -- what could be causing the kernel panic as it tries to create a ramdisk -- but I just thought it may help understand the setup.  :)

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