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Topic: System Backup/Restore to floppy
started by: johnmarranca

Posted by johnmarranca on Dec. 01 2003,15:13
OK...I have figured out how to backup configs to the floppy drive with no problems, but how do you restore it once you reboot?  Is this possible?  When I reboot, the archive is zipped into a .tgz file.  What am I missing?


Posted by sims on Dec. 01 2003,18:34
Try typing "knoppix restore" (without the quotes) at the boot prompt.
Posted by johnmarranca on Dec. 02 2003,14:12

Thank you for the help.  I TRIED "knoppix restore" the first time, but I received an error.  So, I tried again last night, and it worked.  Maybe it was PROBABLY was, but nonetheless, I'm thrilled that there is a way (much like Basiclinux 1.8+) to save tedious settings.

Thanks again!!


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