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Topic: unable to access CD/DVD after boot
started by: gmslaymaker

Posted by gmslaymaker on Jan. 13 2009,22:17
I have successfully done a HD install from the DSL Book CD. Machine is HP Pavilion N3390 laptop; 512K; 30Gb HD; D-Link wireless PCMCIA card.
The wireless is working fine, desktop and all apps seem to be okay, but:  I can't read the CD/DVD using "Emelfm".  Puzzling, since it was the install device.  I found a line in the "System Stats"/'dmesg' near the end: <3>sr0:  CDROM (ioctl) reports ILLEGAL REQUEST. <6>cdrom: open failed.  I have tried adding "dma" and "nodma" to the boot command line.
I was unable to use the CD/DVD when I did the liveCD boot, however, I could read the contents of the DSL CD in the drive.  I can play music CDs with xMMs and see the track labels.  !!
Anything I can add to the boot command line to get access to the CD/DVD?  Or is there another way to access the CD/DVD?

Posted by Tobiaus on Jan. 14 2009,08:30
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