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Topic: lost access to mozzilla after trying to install
started by: nowitzki

Posted by nowitzki on Mar. 19 2009,04:18
Hello I am a newbie to Linux, and did take a community college class on Basic Unix...I have been playing with DSL on an old computer running it from RAM..although i did mount it once to HDA1 which is my C drive on that PC....and downloaded some HTML files etc,,while trying to install adobe flash I  think I messed something up because everytime i try to run from RAM mozilla will not work..any input in how to resolve this and install flash would be appreciated..Thanks Victor
Posted by nowitzki on Mar. 22 2009,19:57
gonna answer my own question here after going to irc for this software(DSL) some how the the plugins i downloaded for linux from adobe site conflicted with browser, i delted those and my browser works again..good experience running a few simple commands from the command line etc) thanks
Posted by Vink8 on April 17 2009,15:45
Good day,
as I have read, written and re-written
< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....1;st=10 >

add (old flash, better of nothing, I used 7)

in firefox.js
and /or other files or trough
made many configuration tuning

accessibility.typehead.find          true

security.dialog_enable_delay     300

add (old flash, better of nothing, I use 7)

Note: this old Linux and very old Gecko, Scalable Vector Graphic, .svg files remain Unknown.

After this, my essential plugins are:


< http://adblockplus.org/en/ >
< http://msnmsgr.mozdev.org/ >
< https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3497 >

Info on plug-ins
< http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/faqs/flash.html#install-linux >

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