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Topic: Devtools and GCC?
started by: ibor132

Posted by ibor132 on Nov. 28 2003,22:09
Clearly, a normal DSL install doesn't come with GCC or any kind of devtools (why would it?), but I need them...I'm doing a hdinstall of DSL. Is there any easy way to get GCC and the rest of the basic devtools installed, or is it gonna be tricky?
Can I install it with apt-get? I'm fairly familer with debian and linux in general, but I've never had to do a gcc install completely from scratch, and the debian arcvice search engine is down today...

Posted by libretto on Nov. 28 2003,23:36
Well theres the TCC compiler if you want to do some C, I havent had a proper look at it yet. But I think I'll be getting GCC when the Debian package site is fixed.
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