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started by: aerohed

Posted by aerohed on Nov. 09 2003,18:16
Loaded DSL on an compaq contura aero. 12mb ram and a new hard drive with 2 gig. Went unbelievably easy, so far.
Aero connects through a router to my cable modem fine!
DSL looks great on that little screen.

1. Can't get browsers to load (except LINKS text browser).

2. Text processors load but are sloooooooow. Except gVI.

Is this the best I can hope for with my RAM or can it be tuned up?

I will be using it for writing and sending text via internet. So, I can live with VI, but I need basic browser. (LINKS won't work with my email sites.)

Any help appreciated.
DSL is kickass.

Posted by KevB on Nov. 10 2003,10:27
Yes that probably is the best you can do with 12mb!!!

Maybe you can access your email sites using the IMAP protocol and a text based email client?

Posted by skaos on Nov. 10 2003,11:40
There are some scope for optimization (i.e freeing memory), but I doubt that it will be much faster:

1. Remove the lpd and sshd daemons (and possibly others).
2. Recompile the kernel - just include support for things you need, e.g. you probably don't need scsi support. You have to download the compiler and kernel source.

You can find some more info here: < http://www.volny.cz/basiclinux/oldpc/top10.html >

Posted by davide on Nov. 10 2003,16:03
by the way
You're likely to be ranking first in the top list "smallest pc on which DSL is running"

(I think only John knows if there's a smaller pc running dsl actually)

Please note that as for webmail and gLinks maybe it's a problem of cookies. If so, maybe it can be solved.
gLinks can handle cookies (at list to a certain degree). if you search the threads you'll find one where john suggests what file to modify and how, to keep session open when you browse, i.e. this forum.
maybe that helps.

just for curiosity: what was the OS on that pc? Win 3.1?
does dsl runs faster than that previous OS?
(my girlfriend has a compaq aero too and I'm planning to play with it )

Posted by aerohed on Nov. 10 2003,17:28
Thanks, all, for ur replies and guidance.

I was browsing with the dsl aero last night. it worked quite well with LINKS--if you have zen-like patience.

I got through to my company's text-sending interface. So that's one issue solved.

I haven't been able to use yahoo.mail, which is my main email route. I see if I can tweak it. If I can solve this, I'm pretty much in bizness.

I tried BasicLinux last night but it won't run on the Aero's 486sx. I guess have to mess with its kernal. I've ordered Slackware. that is another option, but at least I can load it on with a floppy.

If it isn't obvious by now, I'm a newbie.
 For what it's worth, this is how I loaded DSL into my Aero (which has no CD and I don't know how to network it).
1. bought a $25 2gig harddrive.
2. Plugged it into my desktop with an $5 adapter gizmo i got on ebay.
3. formatted it with a caldera linux I found in the back of a library "idiot" book.
4. Then I did the DSL partitioning and hard drive deal like on the DSL website.
5. Then I tore the aero down, pulled the old drive with its win 3.1 and plugged the DSL hard drive in. (Anybody want a tiny hard drive with 3.1 windows?)
 To my amazement, with virtually no screwing around I was on the web.

By the way, tearing down the Aero was much easier than I was led to believe. Keep the plastic warm and carefully poke at it until it pops apart.

Proof that there is a saint for drunks, fools and penguins.

Posted by Bill not G on Nov. 13 2003,03:17
Try creating a swap partition if you don't already have one.
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