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started by: estewart

Posted by estewart on Jan. 03 2004,04:52
I have downloaded DSL and when I burn the cd it will not boot in my computer although it is set to boot of the cdrom before the Hard drive. What am I doing wrong??
Posted by Del on Jan. 03 2004,06:39
Check the MD5sum of the .iso you downloaded. It may be a corrupted download.

I guess, theoretically, it's possible that your bios will boot off a CDR, but not a CD-RW (or vice versa).

You could also try a different burning software. Personally, I use Linux anyway, so just using cdrecord at the command line works the best.

Posted by Crotalus on Jan. 03 2004,08:16
If using WinDoze to burn, use a Disc-At-Once or something similar. Make sure your using CD-R Media not CD-RW for maximum compatibility. If using more than one CDROM make sure your BIOS has been setup to boot from the one that you use for the cd. You could also try burning at a slow speed. It could be that the media your using is too 'slow' for your burner, altough good software (if such a thing exists in windows) should have caught the error and adjusted the speed accordingly. Try a media with a matching speed or over what your burner is capable of.
Posted by libretto on Jan. 04 2004,01:01
Well I have managed to burn a 2x speed CD-RW which now is my DSL disc. As long as you wipe the CD-RW first and use your pgorams 'write ISO image' option, then you should get a bootable CD.

Hope this helps.

P.S. used k3b to burn my disc (but I have had succes using Ahead nero under win98)

Posted by Deadpan on Jan. 17 2004,01:18
If burning from Windows using NERO.

1. Open Nero.
2. Hit File>Burn Image
3. Select ISO
4. Insert fresh blank cd.
5. Burn that sucker!
6. Pop it out, mark it, reload, restart.
7. Enjoy

Posted by Modrak on Jan. 17 2004,21:15
Do not burn the iso as a file on CD ! :angry:
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