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Topic: Ted crashes when I try to print
started by: onchiman

Posted by onchiman on Jan. 20 2006,01:35
I have a HD install of DSL 2.1 and have set up my Canon bjc 1000. It works fine using bjc 800 drivers. The showstopper for me is that I cannot print from Ted! If I try to print, Ted vanishes without a peep. Seems to print okay from other applications. Anyone have a clue what could be going on? Ted seems like a really great little word processor but I really need to be able to print. :(


I ran Ted from the console and when it crashes it reports the following;
appFont.c(406) swdth="bold"
appFont.c(506) foundry="artwiz" family="aqui" swdthStr="bold"
appFont.c(497) spacing="n"
appFont.c(406) swdth="bold"
appFont.c(506) foundry="artwiz" family="glispbold" swdthStr="bold"
"X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attribute)
Major opcode of failed request: 42 (X_SetInputFocus)
Serial number of failed request: 8045
Current serial number in output stream: 8045"

This mean anything to anyone? I notice that Ted also will crash/disappear when I click on "properties" with the same error as above. Also I should mention that I'm running the Xfree86.dsl package along with artwiz. Those are the only additions to the install.

Posted by cbagger01 on Jan. 22 2006,04:33
There is something wrong with the version of TED that is included with DSL 2.1  (Ted 2.16). Either libs or something.

I can get that error by choosing "Properties" on the Ted menu after a failed printing attempt has already happened.  Restarting the app does not make this behavior stop happening.

However, a reboot will clear it until you try and print again.

My suggestion is to download the ted.dsl extension from the MyDSL repository.

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