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started by: ranger24

Posted by ranger24 on Jan. 27 2006,11:23
Hi Guys,

I am a recent convert to DSL, and basic *nix end user at home.

I'd like to get my wife using DSL, but for that she needs to be able to use her HP all-in-one printer/scanner/copier (PSC1110).

This requires the HPLIP drivers, which in turn require a number of dependancies. So here is my plann as how to achieve this. Could some of you check and offer advice?

1) HD install DSL

2) Get dependancies installed via APT-GET

3) Install CUPS.dsl

4) install XSANE

5) Install HPLIP as per debian instructions

6) Test printer function with DSL

7) Test scanner function with DSL.

8) When working make .dsl of each dependancies, and HPLIP package.

9) publish for testing by DSL community.

10) Have beer.

Does this sound like a good approach?

Please offer advice, comments and links to useful info as I have never tried anything like this before!


Posted by brianw on Feb. 26 2006,03:04
I tried this and could not get 2 or 5 (need it for an HP 3930).  If you succeed in getting HPLIP compiled let me know.  I may take another stab at it as well.
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