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Topic: Adding usb printer lexmark 1150?
started by: timmoore46

Posted by timmoore46 on Feb. 10 2006,09:34
Is this possible?

The 'configure printer' didn't seem to want to know about usb......



Posted by roberts on Feb. 10 2006,14:37
It would appear that usb printing is possible, from the Apsfilter screen:

       A P S F I L T E R   Parallel Interface Settings     -- Device --

       Depending on your flavour of Unix, you have to enter the
       *full path* to your parallel Interface. In case of trouble please
       contact your local system administrator or read your operating
       systems technical documentation, FreeBSD handbook or Linux HowTo.
       Some examples:

       FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD:   LPT1: /dev/lpt0   LPT2: /dev/lpt1
               USB under *BSD:           /dev/ulpt0        /dev/ulpt1
               USB (no reset):           /dev/unlpt0       /dev/unlpt1
       Linux:                      LPT1: /dev/lp0    LPT2: /dev/lp1
               with devfsd:              /dev/printers/0   /dev/printers/1
               USB under Linux:          /dev/usb/lp0      /dev/usb/lp1
       SunOS4:                           /dev/bpp0         /dev/bpp1

Posted by timmoore46 on Feb. 10 2006,15:57
Thank you, I'll give that a whirl!



Posted by clivesay on Feb. 10 2006,20:49
Look < HERE >

The example I used was an EpsonC62 usb printer.

Posted by timmoore46 on Feb. 11 2006,10:04
Brilliant Clivesay.  Without that pdf I would not have stood a chance!

I'll try it out!



Posted by timmoore46 on Feb. 11 2006,10:28
All went well until 'T' for test print and this message came back:-

additional filter 'lm1100' not found; can't create test page.

I used option 14 for lexmark printers as the main printer page with epsons didn't list the one I've got.

Any ideas?



Posted by cbagger01 on Feb. 11 2006,22:35
Maybe try CUPS extension and see if your printer is supported.
Posted by timmoore46 on Feb. 12 2006,02:58
I've downloaded CUPSsource and  also a PPD file.  Should that have been a LPD file?

It's 2.54am here so i'll see what I can do with it tomorrow, but a bit terrified of following all the CUPS instructions once I've compiled it, if I patch the source with an update.  Very unfamliar territory here.  Maybe CUPS embedded with Printer Installer I was using earlier?   Thats for tomorrow now.

Thank you for the support.



Posted by timmoore46 on Feb. 12 2006,10:40
Ground to a complete halt on this.

/dev/usb/ doesn't seem to exist but /knoppix/usb/lp0 does??

not sure where I should put a lm1100 driver.

Can anyone recommend that printer that does work?

The more I delve the more confused I get!


I'm sure Clivesay pdf instructions are spot on but can't get past the filter not found message.

CUPS seems full of caveats and needs compiling.....

I'm sure the unix directory system works great but which directorty to put what is very daunting.

An OS in 50 Mega bytes is brilliant!  And a few 'tunes' are fine to get it to work, but no printer kills the main use of it for me.

Any comments, very welcome.



Posted by clivesay on Feb. 12 2006,12:28
In Apsfilter, did you go into some of the other driver options to see if there was another driver listed for your printer? I'm sorry I'm not in DSL to help you troubleshoot. If I have time tonight I'll have a look.

There is a CUPS.dsl files in the repository to click and load as CB suggested. It does require you to set a password for root. You can do that at the command line or there is an 'Add Users' gui in the menu. I think it's under 'System'.

Also, google your printer for linux. You may be able to find some info on what drivers people are using for it.

Good luck


Posted by timmoore46 on Feb. 12 2006,14:30
I've got a root password so that bit is OK.

I've Googled to the point of total confusion.  To the point of just buying a known compatible printer.

Greatly appreciate your support and if you do get time to run up DSL and have a look tonight, that would be a huge plus!



Posted by timmoore46 on Feb. 14 2006,00:53
My basic ignorance of how to set up various parts of DSL, especially CUPS, (I've downloaded it from MyDSL, but having done that I don't know how to invoke it or which directory it should live in and I don't know how to get DSL to wake up with the swap file invoked) have lead me to the conclusion that I'd best wait for the book I've ordered to arrive and then read it.

It's not that the right information isn't available on the web, but there is so much of it, often assuming a more advanced level of Linux knowledge than I have.

It just seems strange to me to come across applications that need the source patching and then recompling before use.  Possible, yes but in this instance, I'm a user not a developer.

Some printers work great on a Mac using OS X (BSD) a Unix based OS but not on Linux including DSL.

In the medium term, I hope to get a more modern motherboard/BIOS which will boot from a USB2 pen drive, run it without a Hard Disk, using a Gig or even a 4 Gig pen drive and a Gig of ram, also a 'compatible' printer.

DSL is brilliant as is what Knoppix technology has achieved and also the help I've received on this Forum, but I'm going to take a step back from it and let my knowledge level improve a little for a month or three.

Thanks to all the members of this forum who have helped me get this far.



Posted by cbagger01 on Feb. 15 2006,03:47

as in lowercase "L", lowercase "p", number "0", sounds like the correct location for your first USB printer device. The knoppix location is just a symlink from the /dev folder so I would expect that it would still work.

I don't have a lexmark, but that would be my first shot for a device location.

Posted by timmoore46 on Feb. 16 2006,23:32
I'll have a look in there and see what I can do with it.

I think a really cheap HP printer on the preferred DSL link might be an early birthday present for me VERY soon! *LOL*

I'm a bit fearful that I might have upset the system settings for printing but can but try after all!  *LOL*



Posted by lesliek on April 25 2006,21:48
I know there's been no activity in this thread for quite a while, but I'm hoping to get the same printer going under DSL, using the CUPS.dsl plus a .ppd file.

I've found some information on the Web which hasn't yet been mentioned in this thread and will set out below the addresses of three pages which may provide a solution, just in case timmoore is still interested or anyone else is or becomes interested.

< > (deals with x1150 and Debian); (deals with rebadged x1150 and Suse) (deals with same Lexmark driver and Ubuntu).

I'm unlikely to be able to report any success myself for some little time, since the computer and printer are both 500km away, and all I can do is ask the user to follow instructions and report back outcomes.

If anyone else does get the same printer going as a result of using a method mentioned in the above pages, I'd be very grateful to hear about it.


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