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Topic: Samsung ml-1710 printer; usb active cable
started by: tangbeili

Posted by tangbeili on Feb. 23 2006,17:10
My samsung printer ml-1710 windows printer now works.
The installation had a few glitches.
The printer was not recognized when using an active usb extension cable (using a standard usb cable solved that).
The printer driver from the samsung site worked fine.
It had three main config. settings:
a(  printer model: ml-1710     b( ppd file: ml-1710   c( usb:/dev/usb/lp0.

The driver did require that I learn to install two dsl extensions:  cups and gtk2.  After installing those, the samsung driver worked great.  I would type llpr instead of lpr as per the samsung documentation and my postscript files would print on the printer.  And changing the print config settings for the editor and browser from lpr to llpr meant that they could print files as well.

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