Where`s filetool.lst?

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Topic: Where`s filetool.lst?
started by: Iris

Posted by Iris on Feb. 23 2006,17:59
Hi everybody,
I just discovering DSL, it`s very nice job. I use dsl with cd live and I can`t find where is the filetool.lst because when I try to open /home/dsl directory the information is? command not find??!! I followed the instruction of the site...What can I do?

Posted by Your Fuzzy God on Feb. 23 2006,18:10
It is .filetool.lst (the dot in front of it meants that it is hidden).  Click the 'H' button in Emelfm (next to the path) to be able to view the hidden files.
Posted by Iris on Feb. 23 2006,22:35
Hello,Your Fuzzy God
that not is problem: the problem is that  in Emelfm the  .filetool.lst cannot there... sorry but I follow the script but unfortunality it didn't work:(

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