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started by: jam22

Posted by jam22 on Mar. 14 2006,06:09

I am trying install a dot matrix printer (EPSON LX300) in DSL. I choose IBM Omni in the PRINTER DRIVER SELECTION. It gave me an option for the printer:

97 Epson 9-pin 80 Col [omni/Epson_9_pin_80_Col]


180 Epson LX-300 [omni/Epson_LX_300]

When I choose any of those option an error message will appear.

Error: Your gs version doesn't have driver "onmi" compiled in ...
Select another driver or build a new gs version with complete or customized driver support.

I have search the other drivers and it seems do that it does not have the appropriate driver for Epson Dot Matrix.

Posted by cbagger01 on Mar. 14 2006,06:46
Maybe the cups.dsl extension from the mydsl repository will support your printer.  Give it a try.
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