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started by: lovdsl

Posted by lovdsl on April 01 2006,01:48
My bjc1000 printer is not printing

it is a parellel cable to a single machine I guess local
I ran the wizard and read the pdf printer setup
      choose 4 gimp as it listed my driver bjc1000
port /dev/lp0
us letter 8.5x 11
test print the test page is fine ( actually prints a quarter test page)
named bjc1000
pressed I to set values
in terminal typed  export printer=bjc1000
clicked printing/lpd
      looked here /var/spool/lpd/bjc1000
dmesg shows
parport0: PC-style at 0x378 [PCSPP,TRISTATE]
parport0: Printer, Canon BJC-1000
lp0: using parport0 (polling).
lp0: console ready
in bever when I click print it say( buffer "untitled1" is being printed)..or the file I open is being printed...nothing happens

I tried various drivers from choice 3 ghost..three will give full test page not centered on the page and will not print a doc.

need help to understand this. The wizard is designed for linux and used by dsl..dsl uses ghost script which allows dsl programs to print useing the drivers listed in the wizard under choice3 , some of which are included in dsl
.my printer is listed under choice4 gimp which I guess requires a gimp script which is not native to dsl and not available to it..but the pdf guide to setup printer suggests useing these drivers as they include most and mine..so I need to download cups and install.  what is that, a similar wizard that install more drivers and a new script for available programs, why does the pdf not say you need it.. is this true
.I have no idea what i'm talking about but want to.

Posted by cbagger01 on April 01 2006,06:26
Don't forget to do the "I" step as described in the DSL PDF documents:

< http://distro.ibiblio.org/pub....wto.pdf >

You can also use CUPS instead of apsfilter.  After installing CUPS, start it from the mydsl menu and then open firefox and type:

< http://localhost:631 >

into the address bar.

Posted by lovdsl on April 01 2006,08:21
thanks I have the pdf doc on hand.I would be curious to know if dsl can install the epson stylus c62 useing the c60 driver selected from the  choice 4 gimp list. or any other printer in that list..I have one on the list.the bjc1000...maby I need an epsun stylus c62...or not..one thing fot sure the bjc1000 is not printing on dsl I will put it back on the winbox...my guess would be that if I can find a bjc600/800 I might be able to print.
Posted by cbagger01 on April 01 2006,20:48
I have a Canon S820 and it prints fine using the BJC-8200 drivers and the CUPS printing system.

I would suspect that an older Canon would also print fine, so don't give up on it just yet.  If you can't get it to work with apsfilter, give cups.dsl a try.

Posted by roberts on April 02 2006,00:08
If you got a test page then you should be able to print.

in terminal typed  export printer=bjc1000


$ export PRINTER=bjc1000

Also you could add this line to /opt/bootlocal.sh

You can see the env variables needed by lpr by typing:

$ lpr --help

To manually test your printer you can always use:

$ lpr -h -P bjc1000 .filetool.lst

Here you are specifying your printer's name.
Once you know it is working then try the export and then

$ lpr -h filetool.lst

Should work without specifying the printer's name.

Posted by lovdsl on April 02 2006,02:11
Thanks roberts will get on that
thanks cbagger01 for shareing what you use..my understanding of cups is that it is an online service..My personal view is that if I have to send my shopping list off to a server somewhere to be transformed and sent back to my printer..there is something wrong with my computer system..so I'm happy to find a printer that just works with dsl..but nice to know it's available if nessessary.

Posted by lovdsl on April 02 2006,05:53
If any one has installed a printer via a parellel port useing the apsfilter setup program on dsl to dsl without useing cups...I am very interested in the make/model and the driver you used from which list in aps filters...I hope to use them as a list for the purchase of a printer for this dsl unit. wish to search for printers known to work..any posts would also help anyone interested in installing a printer to dsl via this method...thanks for any
Posted by cbagger01 on April 03 2006,16:54
CUPS is not an online service.

It is a printer daemon that runs just like apsfilter.  The big difference is the CUPS user interface is web-based (on the local PC).  So you use your web browser (Firefox) to change your CUPS settings, similar in concept to the "webmin" program.

Posted by lovdsl on April 04 2006,01:37
Ok..fine..will post on mydsl apps regarding cups..still curious if any one has had success useing apsfilters on dsl..i am only wanting to know if aspfilters actually installs a printer to dsl and which ones..but would like to add a printer so on to cups.
Posted by roberts on April 04 2006,08:59
Too bad, bjc1000 is supported by apsfilter. If you got a test page then you should be able to print. Of course you need to start the printer daemon. But what a ridiculous assertion that you wonder if any printer actually works with apsfilter. I use my HP Laserjet 4050TN everyday. I have helped my neighbor's and friends setup with various printers as well.
Posted by lovdsl on April 04 2006,21:41
hahaha..Well comming from a poster who thought cups was an online service I would not take offence..and non was actually intended..If aspfilters installs a printer to dsl I truely want to know a few that do so can pick up a few..no biggy..the bjc did not work for me but may very well work..I wanted more faster..and cups did install bjc so great..will get back to aspfilters..and thanks for something to add to the list..thats what i was looking for. printers known to work..I could go to the barginshop and get 15 at random and try or grab a couple known to work and likely be hooked up..it would be the same on any os most likely..I chose modems with rockwell chipsets and soundblaster cards for a reason...known to work and they did... well
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