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started by: davek7

Posted by davek7 on Mar. 29 2006,20:26
I'm new at dsl and I tried to use your printer setup and I thought it was setup properly but it doesn't work. I have a Samsung ML1740 Laser Printer. How do I get it to print?


Posted by dtf on Mar. 29 2006,23:17
Could you provide more detail?  Are you using apsfilter program or cups?   The apsfilter program is a base package you can access via the DSL control panel and cups is a myDSL extension. Are you connect directly to the printer and which interface (usb or parrell) or is it a network printer?  Which ppd file do you assign to the printer?  

I have one printer which is a HP Deskjet so I am not sure I can help but maybe others have some experience.  The more detail you provide the more likely you can get some help.

Posted by lovdsl on April 02 2006,23:07
DTF..Are you connecting the hp deskjet via parellel cable and useing aspfilters? no cups...I am looking for a printer that works well with this method on dsl..what is the model..thanks for any
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