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started by: joeo

Posted by joeo on April 05 2006,14:07
Is there a program on DSL that will convert a text file to postscript?

Thank you!

Posted by clacker on April 05 2006,18:12
Not directly, but there is one to convert an *.rtf file into a *.ps file.  So what you can do is open your text file in Ted (which lets you open it but might give you a warning that it isn't an rtf file).  You'll need to show all files to see the file you want.  Then save it as an rtf file, and run the script to convert it.  You need the name of the existing file and the new file to create as arguments to the script:

/KNOPPIX/usr/share/ted/Ted/ myfile.rtf

Then you can view your new postscript file using ghostscript:


Posted by roberts on April 05 2006,18:49
From the command line we have:

$ a2ps -o myfile.txt

This will convert the text file myfile.txt into postscript

You can also view postscript files by using  gvu

Posted by joeo on April 06 2006,21:06
Hi Clacker & Roberts,
Thank you for your help!

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