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Posted by griot on April 27 2006,03:27
Here is a link to Lexmarks Developer Kit for Linux-http://www.lexmark.com/lexmark/sequentialem/home/0,6959,204816596_659668523_676599624_en,00.html  

I don't see my printer listed USB  X2350 all in one.  It seems like to last hurdle to my laptop drpping windows :-)   Any one know a good printer All-in-one with USB support, or a work around for my printer.  Not an expert on compiling and drivers, but I will read up on the LDK.

Posted by lesliek on April 29 2006,10:45
I have some ground for believing that your all-in-one may at least be made to print, using a Linux driver provided by Lexmark for a number of its Z6xx series printers. I am presently engaged in the same exercise concerning the X1150 PrintTrio. In a reply to an earlier post in these forums about the X1150, I gave links to a number of pages I'd found in which people had got various Lexmark models to print using that driver in Debian-based distributions.

The method, put shortly, is to download the relevant file from the Lexmark site, extract from it two rpm files, convert those rpm files to deb files and then install them, after which one can print using CUPS (there's a cups.dsl extension available).

I am presently stuck at the stage of converting the extracted rpms to debs. I've tried to do that using the aliendebs.dsl extension, but haven't been able to get that to work. I'm trying now to find a way of converting the rpms to debs on some other machine and then using the debs on the DSL machine. My attempts are hindered by my ignorance.

If you pursue the route I've mentioned and have any success beyond the stage I've reached, I'd be grateful if you'd explain how.

Posted by griot on May 02 2006,17:40
Here is a reply I received from Lexmark support-
Dear Darrell,

Please accept my heartfelt apologies for the problems you are experiencing with your Lexmark product. To the best of my knowledge, there are currently no plans to develop Linux drivers to support this model. Thank you for notifying us of this request. I will forward your comments on to our development department, as it is only through input from you, our customers, that we can make these important business decisions.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact me at your convenience and I will be happy to assist you. (If I am not available, another representative will reply to you as soon as possible.) To respond, please select "Reply" in your e-mail software, and be sure that the past e-mail is included in this reply.
Maybe I will ask for the source code for the drivers:-)

Posted by lesliek on May 02 2006,21:40
I can't answer specifically for the X2350, but have a look at < http://doc.gwos.org/index.php/Lexmark_Printers_Hoary. >

There you'll see all the Lexmark models that are said to work with Ubuntu using the Lexmark-supplied Linux driver for the Z6xx series. There're also installation instructions.

Why not give it a go and see if yours will too?

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