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Topic: Replacing existing GNU Ghostscript version?
started by: lesliek

Posted by lesliek on April 30 2006,01:44
I've been trying concurrently to organise things so that DSL would work with two printers: first, an Okipage 8z; and secondly a Lexmark X1150 PrintTrio. The first is my own printer, which already works with my Fedora computer. The second is someone else's all-in-one printer, which has been used only under Windows so far.

I'd like now to ask only about the Okipage 8z printer.

Apsfilter gets drivers from the installed GNU Ghostscript v 7.05. That version of Ghostscript does not have a driver for the Okipage 8z. However, version 6.x of GNU Ghostscript does have such a driver. Also, ESP Ghostscript v 7.07 has such a driver. (The latter is the version I'm already using with my printer on my Fedora computer.)

I attempted to download and install each of those versions of Ghostscript, but couldn't do that successfully in either case.

I said in Synaptic that I wanted to install gs 6.53-3 and got the following message: "8810 packages listed, 192 installed, 0 broken, 2 to install/upgrade, 44 to remove, 50.9 MB will be freed".

The reference to removing 44 packages and freeing 50.9 MB while installing/upgrading 2 packages scared me, so I didn't go any further.

There was in Synaptic no reference to any available version of Ghostscript from ESP, but I was able to download from the Debian packages site "gs-esp_7.07.1-9_i386.deb". I then tried to install it, but the installation failed.

When I used the dpkg -i command, I was told that there was an error processing gs-esp, dependency problems. I understood I might fix that by issuing the command apt-get -f install, so I did that. However, instead of completing the installation that command said it would remove the package gs-esp and I allowed it to do so.

Can anyone tell me whether it's possible to upgrade or downgrade Ghostscript in the way that I need to do? If it is possible, what should I be doing differently?

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