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started by: jpeters

Posted by jpeters on May 03 2006,16:38
I'm trying to setup my HP Deskjet 940C for my Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop.
I've run through the procedures using the Printer Setup, after reading the "how to" procedure with the Epson printer example. I used driver #46, which correctly listed the HP 940C, and entered the path /dev/lp0 as suggested. I also tried /dev/lp1 when the other failed. When attempting to print a test page I got:

sh: line 1: hpijs: command not found
GNU Ghostscript 7.05: Can't start ijs server "hpijs"
****Unable to open the initial device, quitting.

Any  hope?  Thanks.

Also, I downloaded a .ppd driver manually, but don't have a clue as to how to install it.

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