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Posted by Thinman on May 14 2006,20:09
If you have a camera or a smartmedia card your dsl can talk to then just save your print job as a jpg picture file.  This can be done using xpaint by going to: file,snapshot then draw a border around the part to print and save it as a jpg.
transfer it to a smart media card and put the card in a printer that can read smart media cards and print the picture file directly from the printer itself.  Many cameras can be use as a smart card reader and are detected by the usb subsystem. Jpeg pictures can usualy be saved directly to the card.

Posted by kerry on May 15 2006,01:13
Posted by jpeters on May 15 2006,08:57
Brilliant idea!  On a similar note, you can save anything as a JPG file to a USB storage device, and then print from another computer;  nice way to cross OS platforms/networks.
Posted by pr0f3550r on May 15 2006,16:01
If your camera has flash memory why not just boot DSL from the camera itself?

...just joking..

Posted by Thinman on May 16 2006,22:24
I was thinking this should be in the tips and tricks maybe?

I can print on a fancy Canon Pixma MP800 that my wife has hooked up to the laptop downstairs with this technique.  I have even seen some floppy to smartmedia  adapters advertised.  That sounds like it could work as well.

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