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started by: lesliek

Posted by lesliek on May 31 2006,19:00
I'm trying to get a Lexmark 1150 printing in DSL.

I'm adapting instructions which others have reported to work with that printer, but other distributions. Those instructions generally involve extracting sets of files from two RPMs made available by Lexmark, copying the extracted files to various locations on one's hard disk and then using CUPS to add the printer.

Some of those instructions call for issuing the ldconfig command at a certain stage in the process.

I'd never seen reference to that command before. I looked at the man page for it, but came away without feeling any more confident about its purpose.

Knowing DSL's uniqueness, I'm a bit afraid of using the command, which some sets of instructions omit.

Would running the command in DSL be dangerous in any way? If not, can one run it at any time or must it be done immediately after the installation of a particular set of library files?

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