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started by: jpeters

Posted by jpeters on June 10 2006,23:02
Is there a list of usb  printers that work with DSL? Plugging in my hp deskjet 940C into my Dell Latitude laptop before booting causes it to hang up during the device configuration stage. (I gave up trying to load drivers for the same printer previously on a Dell Inspirion).  I'm not sure that every printer that uses one of the listed supported drivers necessarily will be recognized and work.
Posted by humpty on June 11 2006,17:08
isn't there a list in the setup program apsfilter ?
Posted by jpeters on June 11 2006,19:29
Sort of; for example the HP deskjet 940 is listed with driver IJS/deskjet_940.

I have a deskjet 940C which I've tried on two different laptops with no success. It might be the "C" is different, or the problem is the USB connection. I'm trying to figure out which variable to focus on (the computer, the printer, the driver, etc.)

Posted by clivesay on June 11 2006,20:49
Try reading < THIS > howto and see if it helps. Start with the option 4 gimp print drivers first.


Posted by jpeters on June 11 2006,21:20
The problem is no printer device is to be found in any of the dev/ locations. If I plug in the printer usb cable prior to rebooting, it hangs when configuring devices.

My dell inspirion (currently out for repairs) would boot with the usb printer plugged in, but still no device would show up anywhere.

Posted by jpeters on June 12 2006,15:05
I just loaded live CD Knoppix (basically more powerful version of DSL), and the printer was recognized no problem. I'm considering a grub install of both systems, given that Knoppix automatically reads all the data setup in DSL; also has a fax program. Knoppix requires lots more RAM, though, minimum 512 megs or it hangs up.
Posted by cbagger01 on June 12 2006,18:19
If you can't get your printer working with DSL's builtin apsfilter, please try and install the cups.dsl extension and use it.

For supported printers in linux, try visiting the Linux Printing site at:

< >

Posted by jpeters on June 12 2006,19:41
Thanks.  I tried that without success on the Inspirion. My hunch is that if the OS doesn't recognize that  a USB printer device is plugged in,  nothing else will work.
The printer works with Knoppix, so it's not incompatible with Linux.

Posted by ZoOp on June 16 2006,19:50

I don't know if it helps, but my printer is a samsung ML-1250 with usb cable; it works fine with DSL 2.4 and the apsfilter script, using one of the driver of hp (the lj5mono); by the way, it also works with the pxlmono, and your printer can also use this last one. So, it should be recognized and installed.

The issue with your usb: try to plug your usb printer after dsl has been completely loaded. Then use the apsfilter in order to configure and install your printer; it should find somthg at /dev. If not, you have a problem with the cable of your printer or with your usb. If you have a laptop, the problem can be that the usb of your laptop does not allow electricity enough in order to managed the usb-printer. I have this last issue not with a printer, but with a 80 Gigabite USB-HD, which I can't use plugged in my laptop. I also make DSL hanging during the boot process.

Good luck!


Posted by jpeters on June 22 2006,23:57
That might be the case.  What's confusing is that the USB port initially worked when I loaded live CD knoppix, although intermittently (worked a few times, then  dissapeared even after rebooting!).  I resolved this dilema by buying a parallel port cable, using apsfilter and gimp.  Works like a charm, and I don't have to deal with cups.
Posted by ZoOp on June 23 2006,12:01

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