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started by: fjleon

Posted by fjleon on July 14 2006,16:10
Hi, i have a postscript printer on my windows machine, and the test page printed fine in apsfilter, but i can't print from xpdf.
The print command in xpdf is "| lpr -Plp" but it doesn't work.

I have been able to connect to the printer with smbclient:

smbclient //host/printer -U username <enter>
<password> <enter>
smb:// put <enter>

What can i do?

Posted by roberts on July 14 2006,17:22
What did you name your printer when you set it up within apsfilter?

In the print command lpr -Plp.The -P option is to specify your printer name.  lp is currently set as the printer name. Substitue your printer name for lp.

Posted by fjleon on July 14 2006,18:08
I used lp which is the default printer name. The printer is setup as a generic PS printer.

Could you tell me the full command apsfilter uses for printing the test page? Since i know that one works, i want to try that from xpdf

Posted by roberts on July 14 2006,22:43
You did start lpd from the control panel?

I too have a postscript printer named lp and xpdf printing is fine.

The test file is at /usr/share/apsfiler/setup/
The actual priting is done from the script at

You should manually be able to print the test page once lpd is running by using the lpr -h -Plp /usr/share/apsfilter/setup/

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