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Topic: Using Samba to Access Windows Printer
started by: Juanito

Posted by Juanito on July 26 2006,06:03
I've being trying to use the DSL version of Samba to connect to a printer (HP Officejet G85) attached to a Windows 2000 PC on a small home network.

Although I can mount and access shared drives on the Windows PC using Samba (and a network hard disk shared by the Windows PC) and "see" the shared printer in Samba, I cannot mount the printer. Basically I see the printer icon in Samba but I cannot do anything with it - right-clicking does not bring up any actions and all the menu choices are greyed-out.

Does anybody know what the problem might be - perhaps I have to install a Linux driver for the printer on the Windows PC? If so, what kind of Linux driver would be required for DSL?

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