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started by: blhandi

Posted by blhandi on Sep. 12 2006,12:40
I am having trouble printing jpeg images to my printer using lpr from the command line. My only solution so far is to use imagemagick to convert the image to ps and use 'lpr' It works but is slow because of the size of the ps file.
All other printing works fine from command prompt and apps. I was hoping for a aspfilter tip Im missing. Its not a command I can try and try until I find the correct one, since even the fastest cancels results in pages of printed garbage.
lpr image.jpg    dumps the raw data to the post script printer
I was hoping for the magic command of
lpr -T jpg image.jpg    or something.
Thanks in advance.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 12 2006,13:53
If yours can't accept jpg, you could always try other image converters first, and use the one that's the fastest/most preferable.
Posted by blhandi on Sep. 12 2006,14:50
My Laser is a 6mp w/postscript. It Works great.
I believe the imagemagick 'convert image.jpg' is slow because
ps files can be huge. The converting is fast, the uploading to a
print server then through parallel is slow.
There is a file/link  in /ramdisk/opt/aspfilter/basedir/driver called jpeg.
I was hoping that it was some jpeg converter that could be used.
Specific Example..
I loaded a 450x600 color jpeg image in firefox and printed. It was a hard copy in about 40 secs. I converted the same image to ps (took 5 secs) and the lpr It took 20  minutes (1200 secs)  to complete the printing.
I am missing something, but this is normal. Its not a critical issue, but I appreciate
any pointers and tips.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 12 2006,18:54
How large is the actual .ps output file?  Just curious.

There a number of other apps.. such as jpeg2ps if you want to try them.

But for now you could just use firefox to print :P

Posted by blhandi on Sep. 12 2006,20:59
A quick check on the sizes.
original jpg 452x603 pix, color 169,779 bytes
converted to gif 796,580
png 1,499,409
ps 7,426,570
None of the formats printed in a viewable form using lpr.
lpr -P jpeg filename.jpg was not effective either.

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