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started by: tawalker

Posted by tawalker on Oct. 11 2006,20:23
I have no trouble getting DSL to print to our home network printer (an HP LaserJet 4100TN), and the results are more than acceptable. However, I lose the printer settings upon rebooting and have to go through the setup again each time.

Which config files do I need to add to which backup file (.filetool.lst or whatever), to ensure the printer settings will be saved? I'd guess that /etc/printcap is one, and  /opt/apsfilter/lp/apsfilterrc might be another - am I on the right track?

Many thanks,

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Oct. 11 2006,21:30
Right on track,
see: < >

Posted by tawalker on Oct. 12 2006,19:03
Brilliant - many thanks! (Didn't think of looking in the wiki; have now bookmarked it for future leafing-through :) )
Posted by dvorakey on Oct. 25 2006,03:20
Hi.  I have a Cannon i550, with no manual.  Can't see any cannon on apsfilter menu or in DSLWiki - "how to set up a printer .....".  I tried cannon capsl choice - no effect.  Any suggestions most welcome.   THanks.  

Question 2  - does printer have to be plugged in when system booted up?  This would be problematic since the printer is shared by simply switching the cable.  Usually cable is connected to the other main computer.

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