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Topic: Need help with HP DeskJet 930C on LPT1
started by: Ramik

Posted by Ramik on Nov. 24 2006,07:41
Two Questions:
1. How do I configure my HP DeskJet 930C on LPT1 (or is it LPT0 ?, I'll try both :D ).

2. How do I set the an LPR to run at port 515, securely (no un\pass, just local IPs -, at boot-up (rc, not initx), and under the feed "raw0" - I need this cause I'm dual booting another linux that runs with the same configurations and I don't want to change it with all the other computers on Lan.

*. Bonus Question: Since I'm to lazy to put a third post today, I was wandering  about how to get an FTP server going ? again, on boot-up, accepting "root" as a valid user and runs securely in Lan...

I'm trying to transit from my current dist of choice (FreeSco) to DSL, I'm currently only using this box to access a 30GB HD with an ftp server and a print server LPR on port 515 with feed "raw0", the internal IP is and the lan is

I'm still using Freesco as my router on another box...


I found the command from Freesco using "ps":
Which breaks-down to:
"lpd -o /dev/lp1 -p 515 -r raw0 /dev/lp1 -f feed0 /dev/lp1"
so its two feeds, one "raw0" and the other "feed0", since I only need raw0 this can go like this:
"lpd -o /dev/lp1 -p 515 -r raw0"

so where\how do I configure this to lprng (printcap) ?

Posted by W6LQR on Dec. 10 2006,05:04
I also am having a problem with my HP 932c on LPT1

DSL v3.1 on Compaq 5070, 32MB RAM, installed on HD.

I set up the printer with option 12, "Official HP DeskJet" and driver #45 which said it was for the HP932.

When I tried a test print I got error message "hpijs:command not found"

There were so many options in the printer setup not sure I chose the right one.

Any advice much appreciated!


Posted by Ramik on Dec. 29 2006,05:11
The thread and its resolution can be found here:
< >

(* Will an admin care to merge the topics ?!)

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