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Topic: HP-932c
started by: W6LQR

Posted by W6LQR on Dec. 12 2006,04:54
I also am having a problem with my HP 932c on LPT1

DSL v3.1 on Compaq 5070, 32MB RAM, installed on HD.

I set up the printer with option 12, "Official HP DeskJet" and driver #45 which said it was for the HP932.

When I tried a test print I got error message "hpijs:command not found"

There were so many options in the printer setup not sure I chose the right one.

Any advice much appreciated!


Posted by W6LQR on Dec. 15 2006,05:53
I changed the selection to #4, Gimp-Print, and selected driver #110 and now it works fine. Got on the wrong track when I saw the option for HP printers,
dumb me - thought that would work with HP printers!

Posted by Ramik on Dec. 29 2006,05:06
While I currently disconnected the printer from that specific machine on which I have DSL installed, your solution sounds good enough for me so I'll consider the matter resolved until I know otherwise...

Thanks !

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