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Topic: OMG is nothing straightforward?
started by: ron

Posted by ron on Jan. 27 2007,01:36

I would appreciate some help with setting up my printer. I have an old-fashioned type of hard-drive install (not Frugal). My saved settings under apsfilter are fine, and I can print off a test page using apsfilter. Then I go into Aterm and as superuser I add:

export PRINTER="abc"

because the printer is called abc. I then go into Printing/LPD, and "start" the daemon. So far so good. But any attempt to print anything from any application at all (except for the apsfilter test page) results in absolutely no signal at all going to the printer, so nothing prints. No errors or anything - just no bits at all are being sent to the printer. What am I doing wrong?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Jan. 27 2007,03:30
1.  Can you print off lpr?
2.  Which applications?  Any error message?
3.  Which user were you printing under (which one for apps, and which one for the apsfilter test page)?

Posted by ron on Jan. 27 2007,13:19

I don't get it. It works perfectly now. Yesterday no joy at all. Weird. Thanks anyway/

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