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started by: buzzard

Posted by buzzard on May 18 2007,04:29
HP Deskjet 5650
Not on apsfilter's interal list.
Went to HP, their driver is like 16MEG dnld.  GAAAAaagh!
(dialup only, 24 kbaud)

Anyone had similar experience?
Maybe theres a configfile or a [.o] file for this?

(even if not, I can still print in WinDoze)

Tried the ghostscript generic, printer freaked out.
There are a lot of HP's on apsfilter....
Is it safe to just try them until one works?
Or would that be just a dumb thing to do?

Posted by curaga on May 18 2007,17:17
From linuxprinting.org:
recommended driver is hplip, also the only working driver...

Posted by buzzard on June 04 2007,03:25
Quote (curaga @ May 18 2007,13:17)
From linuxprinting.org:
recommended driver is hplip, also the only working driver...

Blecch, HPLIP is bloated.
I dnlded the 16Mb hplip, and it wants python in order to compile.
I'm currently dnlding the 12.8Mb python...

As far as you know, has anyone here compiled hplip on DSL?

(as for me, time will tell, i guess)


Posted by jpeters on July 04 2007,04:36
Juanito compiled one:

< http://damnsmalllinux.org/cgi-bin....92;st=5 >

I remember attempting it for one of my HP deskjets...lots of dependencies, etc..  My problem ended up being more related lack of power through the USB port, so  I got it working another way.

Posted by Juanito on July 04 2007,05:24
Juanito compiled one:

...can't say it was an unmitigated sucess - cupsys, python, perl, qt, gs-eps (and more) are all required and hplip loads hpijs just for good measure.

I can get printing working on both my laptop (1.6GHz cpu) and a desktop (267MHz cpu) but after while I can no longer print from the desktop and the cups admin page does not refresh.

...still working on it, but it's painful

Posted by jpeters on July 04 2007,06:22
Quote (Juanito @ July 04 2007,01:24)
...still working on it, but it's painful

I have no problem having an el cheapo offline windows PC hooked up to a printer, scanner, fax, etc..  As long as I don't have to go on line with it....

Posted by Juanito on Aug. 27 2007,06:26
The hplip extension posted in testing worked on my old desktop for several weeks now without problems - I'm still trying to get it to share an OfficeJet G85 printer with Windows machines, it's not working yet but progress is being made...
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