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started by: gm6jag

Posted by gm6jag on June 30 2004,20:35
Hi Gnague,

Where do I start in getting any of the editors to print?

The printer here is a Canon BJ series bubbly jet thing, works ok in Winblows and DOS, it can do BW and/or colour, but bw works best if you change the cartridge.

Remember "Me's a newbie" and so please be gentle! All I want to be able to do is do something in any of the editors, then print it out.



PS :- I've gone into the "PROFILE" bit on this board a couple of times, and filled in the form then click on "amend my details" but to NO avail, nothing seems to change? Have I missed something obvious as usual?


Posted by roberts on July 02 2004,06:00
Well, to start. What have you tried? Did you start by using the menu option to configure the printer? System->Printing/lpd->configure printer
If so, how far did you get in the apsfilter printing menu? Did it print the test page?

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