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started by: mpie

Posted by mpie on July 22 2004,22:18
hi folks , apsfilter does not have support for a lxmrk p704
have looked at www,lexmark.com have a linux dev kit but is only available as rpm and cannot make it exec. anybody had previous experience of this also looked at ghostscript site no info there??? ant idea's

Posted by cbagger01 on July 22 2004,23:21
If the package is an RPM, you can install the "alien" program and use it to convert the RPM into a DEB file.

The DEB file can then be installed into DSL or any other Debian-based distribution.

Now whether the Lexmark driver will actually work is a totally different issue.

Posted by mpie on July 23 2004,00:04
ok so dull question where is alien?
Posted by cbagger01 on July 23 2004,02:09
Read this for a better understanding:

< http://www.linuxvalley.it/encyclopedia/ldp/manpage/man1/alien.1.php >

Posted by mpie on July 23 2004,07:18
gots to be worth a shot if if corrcts its a quick reinstall. Better than buying a new printer!!!! Thanks for your help
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