what  directory  is  my  usb printer at

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Topic: what  directory  is  my  usb printer at
started by: Tachyon man

Posted by Tachyon man on Dec. 10 2003,02:38
I downloaded .5.1 last night and tried to set up my printer but how do I know where my usb printer is located in apsfilter.

thanks in advance

PS I thought I would miss nedit  but scite is better. oh, I was dragging windows from virtual to virtual in the last versions too it's a in the fluxbox config menu

Posted by John on Dec. 10 2003,08:00
I don't have a usb printer to test on, but you may want to try this.

Get in as root and try these commands:
echo "test1" > /dev/usb/lp0
echo "test2" > /dev/usblp0

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