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Posted by The_Q on Feb. 06 2004,23:25
My final DSL hangup is th ability to add support for accesing a cups printer.

I have a laptop p233 with Wireless 802.11b, open office and smba shares all working sweet.

My last need is to access a network printer. I have 2 printers hanging off windows machines (who cares) and my laser (HP laserjet 5L) which I use mostly.

If I can get the cups printer to show up I have a full working example of DSL which I hoe to show off at our Lug.

AS a newbie to Debian, (I like slackware) I am having some trouble here. Anyone have a pointer to help me see and print to my cups printer share ?

Awesome distro, I'm actually typing this on an old 486.... Only now I am down one doorstop.

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