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started by: trcjr

Posted by trcjr on July 27 2004,14:44
I'm working on remastering DSL for a project of mine. I think I've made some good progress with it.
The changes I've made are as follows.

on boot it displays a warning message about my point of sale software which the sales people must accept in order to use.

boots to X 1024x768x32 without user intevention

loads firefox to < http://pos/ > which is handled by the stores dns server.

Here comes my problem.

I need to do something similar with lpd, All of the printers are HP LaserJet 1200.

How I attempted to do this was boot the official cd start the remaster process from then setup the printer on the   live cd I booted from. Then copyed /etc/printtab to /mnt/hda1/knx/source/etc/ and the /var/spool/lpd/lp to /mnt/hda1/knx/source/var/spool/lpd. I also edited /mnt/hda1/knx/source/etc/rc5.d/S99bootlocal to sudo /usr/sbin/lpd

When I remaster and boot off the new cd I get lpd started and I see this from lpstat

Printer: lp@box 'ljet4d;r=300x300;q=medium;c=full;p=letter;m=auto' (dest raw@printer)
Queue: no printable jobs in queue
Server: no server active
Status: job 'root@box+179' removed at 10:39:59.661
Rank   Owner/ID                  Class Job Files                 Size Time
done   dsl@box+547                  A   547 (STDIN)                  3 17:14:10
JetDirect lpd: no jobs queued on the port Raw

Does anyone have any clue what I've done wrong or what I can do to make this work?

Posted by Rapidweather on July 27 2004,23:43
Look at your /etc/skel in your remaster "master copy". Everything there will go into
/home/damnsmall when you boot up. I'm not real familiar with printers on DSL, but
perhaps you have some sort of .myprinter directory (notice the ".".) in /home/damnsmall, and this will have your printer configuration, I suppose. You need to have a completely setup and running printer to find that directory, and then make sure a copy of all of it is in /etc/skel.
I use another partition for my remastering, and use emelfm to work with it.
My remaster:
< >

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