How to send mail in RC1 or RC2

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Topic: How to send mail in RC1 or RC2
started by: thejipster

Posted by thejipster on Aug. 29 2007,18:35
Sorry for the noob question.  I was trying to write up a perl script to send email.  I didn't notice any mail applications in Rc1 or Rc2.  

Not sure if this belongs in the RC section of the forum or in Apps.

- J

Posted by roberts on Aug. 29 2007,19:29
Such is not a default application of basic DSL.
Someone recently posted a howto to add mailx to DSL.
Try using the search function of the forums.

BTW, RCs are really intended for testing and not general day to day use.

Posted by thejipster on Aug. 29 2007,23:08
Thanks for the reply.  I could not get the stable release working on my laptop, but the RC version worked flawlessly.

I will do a search for mailx.  Thanks!

- J

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