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started by: kungklurig

Posted by kungklurig on Sep. 26 2007,09:25

How do i remove installed programs in DSL?

I want to customize my computer after needs.


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 26 2007,15:13
Removing what exactly?

Removing mydsl extensions? See wiki page.
Using a type of frugal and you want to remove files from the DSL base image? Search on remastering it.

Posted by kungklurig on Oct. 02 2007,08:28
Remove programs like dillo, sylpheed, Axyftp, siag, and so on.

How do i do?


Posted by curaga on Oct. 02 2007,17:25
Like hats said, do a search for "remaster"
Posted by kungklurig on Oct. 03 2007,06:38
Oki, i try.
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