Is there a way to show when FF has fully started?

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Topic: Is there a way to show when FF has fully started?
started by: curaga

Posted by curaga on Sep. 26 2007,18:28
When booted off the cd, FF2 takes 8 secs just reading files, then a white window appears without any buttons or borders for about 3 secs, then the buttons appear and then the page loads.

So, 12 secs just to start on a fast machine!

Is there a way to tell (from scripts) when has FF fully started?

ps doesn't really help, as firefox-bin starts running in about halfway of the reading phase...

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 26 2007,19:31
Use top and wait until the cpu usage goes down to 0 and stays there for a while?  Though I guess it's similar to using ps.  Did you look if you can pass ps something?
Posted by curaga on Sep. 26 2007,19:36
Hey, nice idea - I could fetch the cpu usage numbers from /proc/loadavg!

That never occurred to me - thanks, I 'll test tomorrow

Posted by mikshaw on Sep. 27 2007,01:25
For a browser that doesn't completely suck, Firefox is a pretty sucky browser if you don't have a very recent computer and broadband.

As far as I can tell, once the desired page is loaded, firefox still has more unnecessary work to do...prefetching linked pages, checking for updates, other mysterious background tasks (check your network activity while using Firefox...some pretty strange things happen). Seriously, if Dillo supported CSS and authentication, I'd dump Firefox without a second thought.

But when you say "fast machine" what do you mean? I've got a 1.8ghz machine that loads firefox2 (with a blank page) in about 4-5 seconds, which is pretty ridiculous in my opinion. 12 seconds would be unacceptible to me on any computer made in this decade. Perhaps the page that is being loaded has a heavy influence on the load time.

Posted by jpeters on Sep. 27 2007,08:11
From my grub install on a Dell Latitude, booting up and loading a text home page takes about 4 sec. What's interesting is the underlying processes, which for a page like Bloomberg (lots of Java, etc) can take over 30 seconds to complete, although the page appears loaded in about 6 seconds. After it's in cache, it's much quicker, although underlying processes can still run over 16 seconds.  Dillo completes underlying processes in about 1/3 the time, and loads the page almost instantly. The big difference is in the CPU useage, which for FF can run about 45% compared to about 3% for Dillo.  Of course, the tradeoff is that with Dillo, the formating is all screwed up even when things load.
Posted by curaga on Sep. 27 2007,14:55
Aww, so the bg tasks keep the cpu usage high. Any other ideas?

@mik: it's a p3-680 with 192mb ram, but the cd drive's slow (even with dma enabled)

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 27 2007,16:04
Start up a virtual instance of DSL?  I guess another way could be to save the time then start up firefox which then loads a default page that then has some clientside code that takes the current time then compares it to the saved time.  Another similar way could be to use malicious code that kills firefox upon loading so you could use `time`.
Posted by curaga on Sep. 27 2007,17:53
That would be one solution, but since this would be used on many different machines, it could not be precomputed into one value (suits all ;)
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