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started by: NewDude

Posted by NewDude on Oct. 15 2007,01:28
    I download Gambas a couple of weeks ago and wrote a dynamic DNS IP updater program.  

    It is about 75% done, working great, I wanted to see how Gambas builids the package of compiled source code, so I got it to a point where I could compile it, and I am getting a  " rpmbuild: command not found "

Is there a package in the DSL extentions that does the rpmbuild?  If work not, can someone point to what I need to compile my program.

I guess I could put the source on my SuSE 10.2 Box and compile it there, but I am trying to do everything in DSL...  


Posted by mikshaw on Oct. 15 2007,13:38
rpmbuild is used to build RPM packages, which are not supported by DSL. I suppose you could either install RPM or  maybe disable RPM functionality in Gambas (might need a rebuild of Gambas?).
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